Born in the Bronx, raised in the South, Justin Gray, AKA DJ Illy Jay started his career as a DJ at the age of 16.  Influenced by the Northern lyricism, the environment alone of NYC, and the and the rhythm bounce sounds of the South, DJ Illy Jay has created a mixtape sound that music lovers from around the country can enjoy.
It was not until he moved to North Carolina  that he decided to be a Dj.  “I moved to NC and went to an open mic in Charlotte and a DJ allowed me to spin on his equipment.  I had no experience but I managed to control crowds with a good song selection of music and blending,” says Illy Jay.  After that experience, he used his mom’s personal computer to start making mix CDs for friends and posting the mix CDs on social media sites. The exposure from his mix CDs and social media post led to Illy Jay being booked for a prom after party and later a college tour.
Currently Dj Illy Jay is now apart of Table Mannerz Djs & Stack Or Starve Djs with this kind of credibility, Illy Jay is building a platform to distribute new music and showcase new artist.  DJ Illy Jay’s network consists of DJ Smooth Montana & DJ Arab and Street Money Magazine.  “My first mixtape on Live Mixtapes reached 100k in its first week , that made me more hungry, so I decided to drop my compilation Mixtapes to break records and help artists build platforms of their own.
You can catch Dj Illy Jay spinning on Swurv Radio,Digital Dope Radio, & Street Money Radio Every Week On Thursday’s @5pm giving you what’s hot and keeping the party jumping!
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