Dj A1

DJ A1 was born and raised from a small town of Roberta, Georgia most notably known for his music talents throughout high school. Playing percussion in his high school band started his musical journey that lead him to music production. Continuing throughout college as a local music producer, DJ A1 looked for other endeavors of ways to channel his music. DJ A1, formerly known at the time as DJ MURDER began shaping his own path by playing at house parties, local gigs, making a name for himself and creating a following. Becoming very popular and increasing talents in college, DJ MURDER, decided to make himself more marketable by changing his name DJ A1. His early love and knowledge of music helped him shape his career into a profession. His ability to consistently “rock the party” presented opportunities for him to DJ for numerous of artists such as: Monique Comedy Show, Field Mob, Mykko Montana, Pastor Troy, Big Kuntry King, V.I.C., DJ Unk, Kilo Ali, Slice 9, A1 Supergroup, Maceo, Da Franchise Boys, Raheem The Dream, Lil Ralph J Harden, Baby D, Yung Tone, Ace Boon Coon, Juney Boondata, Jose Guapo, as well for numerous of local artists. Becoming known for his talents DJ A1 has taken over numerous of venues and turned them into “the hotspots” of Middle Georgia such as: Zodiac Lounge, Club Icon, Club Envy, Club Guilt, Club Staxx, Neighbors Bar & Grill, Macon City Auditorium, Ignite Bar & Lounge, Ocean’s Night Club,Recess Bar & Lounge, Bar 41, Club Element, The Mill Night Club, Seduction Night Club, Club Status, Asylum Nightclub, as well as private events and venues.

Now a resident of Macon, Georgia, DJ A1 continues to share his love for music with the world by performing at local clubs and lounges, and creating his own Internet Radio station “Takeover Radio”. With his specialty in Hip Hop, R&B, and Top 40, he has broadened his style to include, Dance, Pop, House, EDM, Trap and Reggae music. With his many years of DJing experience, there isn’t a place in the world that DJ A1 can’t turn into a party.

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